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the plague is coming. requiring us to scan our hands to get into the dining halls is not the best idea. hundreds of kids touching the same metal surface and then eating food. no, uga. just no.

raybolger: this post brings you 75 of the major films and the greats of the silent era of film, a medium often forgotten and unfortunately more than 70% of it estimated to be lost. So, grab your gal and go on a nice wholesome date to the picture show, and maybe we can keep silent films in memory.


// The Rink(1916) // All Aboard(1917) // Hear’em Rave(1918) // Why Pick On Me(1918) // Young Mr. Jazz(1918) // Convict 13(1920) // Haunted Spooks(1920) // High and Dizzy(1920) // One Week(1920) // The Scarecrow(1920) // The Boat(1921) // The Goat(1921) // Hard Luck(1921) // The Haunted House(1921) // Never Weaken(1921) // Cops(1922) // Day Dreams(1922) // The Electric House(1922) // The Frozen North(1922) // Dogs of War(1923) // The Love Nest(1923) //

// A Dog’s Life(1918) // The Kid(1921) // Dr. Jack(1922) // Grandma’s Boy(1922) // Our Hospitality(1923) // Safety Last!(1923) // Three Ages(1923) // The Navigator(1924) // Sherlock Jr.(1924) // Girl Shy(1924) // The Freshman(1925) // Go West(1925) // Seven Chances(1925) // The General(1926) // For Heaven’s Sake(1926) // Tramp, Tramp, Tramp(1926) // The Kid Brother(1927) // The Cameraman(1928) // The Circus(1928) // Lonesome(1928) // Speedy(1928) // Steamboat Bill Jr.(1928) // 


// A Trip to the Moon(1902) // Cabiria(1914) // Intolerance(1916) // Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl(1919) // True Heart Susie(1919) // The Love Flower(1920) // Way Down East(1920) // The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse(1921) // Orphans of the Storm(1921) // The Phantom Carriage(1921) // The Sheik(1921) // The Ten Commandments(1923) // A Woman of Paris(1923) // Isn’t Life Wonderful?(1924) // The Thief of Bagdad(1924) // Ben-Hur(1925) // The Big Parade(1925) // The Lost World(1925) // The Phantom of the Opera(1925) // Flesh and the Devil(1926) // 7th Heaven(1927) // Napoleon(1927) // Sunrise(1927) // Wings(1927) // Docks of New York(1928) // The Passion of Joan of Arc(1928) // The Wind(1928) // A Woman of Affairs(1928) // Diary of a Lost Girl(1929) // Pandora’s Box(1929) // I Was Born, But …(1932) // A Story of Floating Weeds(1934) // 


Happy Laboratory Day

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Color Study: Water Edition



My Questions:

1. Do you need to have special elements when reading a book? (Like it has to have romance, or mystery?)

Interesting,complex characters are always nice. 

2. Animated Movies: Dvd or Movie Theater? 

dvd. I like to own my animated movies.

3. Do you like to know if a book has a good ending or you just deal with it like life?

I like good endings. but note that good doesn’t necessarily mean happy or complete.

4. Prefer books to be turn into movies or books?

nah, books should stay books unless someone who loves that book can turn into a damn good movie. But i guess it depends. there are some things that should span multiple mediums, and some that shouldn’t.

5. Favorite Superhero?


6. Currently what do you want? 

to sleep.

7. Suburban life or nomad lifestyle?

suburban. but if the suburban life restricts me from travelling ever, then nomad. 

8. What do you wish there was more of in books?


9. Best scary movie that you’ve watched?

the strangers? idk. looking back on scary movies, they’re not as scary. can i say cabin in the woods?

10. Same topic: scariest story/legend you’ve heard off?

the fucking clown that eats children or licks people.

11. Slenderman. Scary or not?

scary when you’re playing the game and that damn noise starts getting all static and you turn and he’s RIGHT THERE.

Questions for you:

1. What is something people wrongly assume about you (nearly all the time)?

that i’m a nice person

2. Something that seems impossible?


3. Last movie you watched? 

Spirited Away for the bajillionth time. and it was just as good.

4. Wand, stone, or cloak?


5. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done?

umm. i think i stole my cousin’s favorite barbie and she cried because she thought she’d lost it.

6. A (lesser known) book that means a lot to you?

Invisible Monsters. is that lesser known or do people know about it? 

7. Which fictional character do you relate to the most?

what if I said Appa

8. If you could learn to do/be anything, what would it be? 

a mermaid 

9. What cheers you up?

people with similar interests nerding out with me.

10. Something you are looking forward to learning? 

my grade on that chem test

11. Something you wished you could have done this summer?

worked and gotten money so i wouldn’t be broke right now.

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ugh, fatima, why did you do that to me that was bad


That one time when a  sea snake tried to join a humpback whale heat run… Obviously he was not the victor - it sure would have been interesting to see a sea snake try to mate with a humpback whale…


So a new species of snake (Pseudocerastes urarachnoides) was recently discovered in southern Iran.


Its common name is the spider-tailed horned viper because its tail is literally a fucking spider. This salty motherfucker has a spider (well, a VERY convincing spider-shaped lure) for a tail. I’d try to get on its level but I don’t know if that’s even possible. 


Spider snake. Snake spider. Nature isn’t even in the neighborhood of fucking around.